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Kosi Moon Meals

A catered stay at Kosi Moon B+B in Kosi Bay, KZN will mean you and your fellow travellers will get to experience one of the following freshly prepared homecooked meals for breakfast or dinner ~ no lunches provided, please see to yourselves for this meal.


Please note ~ no 'ordering from the menu' is possible as we prepare one meal per mealtime, just like home!

Beef stew : like grandma used to make ~ for the cooler evenings in our "winter"

Good old Braaivleis with 'pap 'n sous'

Breakfast : porridge/cereal, yoghurt, milk, juice, eggs & bacon/beef/chicken sausage, tomato, toast, butter, marmalade, tea & coffee.

Desserts : only on special occasions.

Fillet of Beef, marinaded and Weber grilled, with baked potato, salads and veg in season

Grilled Chicken hindquarters with veg and salad in season

Indian Curries ; Chicken or Beef

Italian Lasagne, Carbonara and other pasta dishes
Oxtail when available

No seafood unless pre-arranged at time of booking. We support SASSI and will not use red or orange-listed marine products ~ especially not those caught in our lakes or ocean for resale

A variety of vegetarian dishes * if you have any favourite recipes please email us and we'll add them to our repertoire!

Please note: there is no pub/bar/restaurant on our property ~ we would like you to bring your own alcoholic beverages, and any other special drinks/edibles you can't live without!
We keep a limited amount of wine for our own consumption, which we could share with you on your first night, if you forget to bring your own!

. . . and keep coming back to this page ~ there will be more ...!

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