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Kosi Moon Bed and Breakfast - Kosi Bay Information

Here you can find important information about the Kosi Bay Area. The sights locations and relevant information about the rules and regulations of the parks.


Manguzi town | Kosi Moon | Kosi Bay Nature Reserve | The Lakes | The beaches | The Game Parks | Going To Mozambique | Driving tips for sand roads

Manguzi Town (KwaNgwanase)

Our local town is Manguzi, apparently named after the abundant wild mangoes that grow in the area. It's a typical bustling little African town with a vibrant flair and colour. Most necessities can be purchased in the stores and marketplace. The shops include a SuperSpar, well-stocked with most of the things you require. A Boxer store that is also well stocked. On the corner of the same shopping centre you'll find our chemist - Temba Kosi Pharmacy. Directly across the road from Total Kosi Bay is The Kosi Spot ~ the best place to find great pizza, good coffee and warm welcomes. There's a JET store, a couple of PEP stores and even a DISCOM. ATMS are available at the Engen Garage, at the nearby ABSA branch and at the FNB branch next to the SPAR. You'll find several butcheries for all your meat requirements.There is also a Metro Cash and Carry on the way out of town and a liquor store next to the Metro. ICE AGE in the same complex will supply you with all the ice you may need. There are also a number of workshops, should you find that you have car or boat trouble. There is a local hospital in case of medical emergencies.


Kosi Moon

Kosi Moon Bed and Breakfast is situated in thick bush 12 Km from Manguzi on the inland side of the largest of the 4 lakes. We are 3 Km from the tar road. Although it is normally possible to reach us with a saloon car sometimes the roads can be a bit challenging. We are situated 400m from the lake shore overlooking the sand forest and lake. There are numerous walking trails in the area and foot access to the lake is also possible from Kosi Moon. The walk to the lake will take about 10 minutes. We have Eskom power and good Cell phone reception. We are also about 10 minutes drive from the Park Authority should you need to collect or book permits for beach access. If we are not catering for you, or you just want to eat out, the Umdoni restaurant is just 400m away. Turtle tours depart from the bay nearby too. If you have a boat the launch facility is at the Park Authority. Guards for boats can be arranged should you want to leave your boat on the water.


Kosi Bay Nature Reserve part of The Isimangaliso Wetland Park

The nature reserve encompasses all of the coast line in our area as well as the lakes and surrounding areas. It is a Ramsar World Heritage park. The park was proclaimed as part of the Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park, now known as the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. The Kosi area is a diverse eco-system consisting of beaches, lakes and sand forest areas. The area is vast and planning needs to be done to visit the local sites. Most beaches warrant a full day including the traveling time in the bush to get there. Motor cycles and quad bikes are banned inside the park. It is now a requirement to be in possession of a valid vehicle permit and visitor permits for all visitors to the park. Monitoring points have been set up to check on compliance. Failure to produce the required documentation could result in having to turn around and then drive to the nearest Parks Board Office to obtain permits. For visitors entering the park for a number of days the Gold Rhino Card could be an option to save on costs of daily entry. Valid fishing permits are required for KZN, these can be obtained at Post Offices and the Parks Board Offices.


The Lakes

The four lake system consists of 4th Lake fresh water. 3rd Lake sweet water. 2nd and 1st Lakes salt water. Fish species from fresh to saltwater will be found in the system. All of the lakes are interconnected and thereby connected to the ocean directly and indirectly. Boating is allowed on the lakes and requires a skippers ticket for inland waters and all the relevant safety equipment on the boat. Jet skis and any sail craft are banned from the lakes. Fishing can be very good on the lakes depending on your knowledge of the lakes and fishing them. Local gillies are available to help you with your fishing experience. Hippo crocodiles and sharks are all found in the lakes and its advisable to remember this at all times when on and around the lakes.


The Beaches

Our beaches are probably the least developed in Southern Africa. They are bathed in the warm tropical Indian Ocean and the water is normally crystal clear. This is due to the lack of rivers flowing into the sea in the area.

Kosi Mouth probably the most popular beach to visit as it includes the traditional fish traps that are found in the Kosi system. The mouth requires a permit to allow access by 4x4, the permit is available from the park authority and only 20 are issued per day. The lakes all empty via the mouth into the sea. There is safe snorkeling within the estuary system where there is no wave action do be aware that there are stone fish found in the snorkelling area. There is also snorkeling around the rocks north and south of the mouth depending on the tide and how rough the sea is. This beach is about 25Km from Kosi Moon

Bhanga Nek

A protected beach, where for centuries turtles have laid their eggs and young have returned to the sea to continue the life cycle of logger head and leather back turtles. Turtle tours from November to February take place here. These are guided only, its not permitted to view turtles without a guide. It will take around 90 minutes to reach this beach from Kosi Moon the distance is about 30Km. Its also possible to reach this beach by boat on Lake 3 and a short walk, the distance is about 7Km and will take about 45 minutes. Bhanga does not require a permit but on some occasions only 12 vehicles are allowed into the parking lot.

Dog Point

No fishing or snorkeling activity is allowed in this area. You are allowed to walk on the beach. Fishing and snorkeling are allowed on the south side toward Black Rock. This is not a tourist beach as there is quite a long walk to the beach and back and there is no formal parking area for cars.

Black Rock

This beach requires a permit for entry, only 8 permits are issued per day. The beach consists of a large rock mass creating a sheltered bay area. Turtles and whales can be seen from the top of the rock in season. Visitors comments indicate that Black Rock is just as popular as Kosi Mouth as a place to visit. The drive is however rather long, taking about 1 hour to reach the parking area. As with all the beaches the minimum vehicle requirement is dif-loc and 4x4 only.

Rocktail Bay

This beach does not require a permit but access is limited to 5 vehicles at any one time. The walk to the point is rather long so if you want to fish there be prepared to expend some energy. The fly-fishing is relatively good at Rocktail Bay. As with all the other beaches open beautiful un-cluttered sandy beaches will astound the visitor. Rocktail will take approximately 1 hour to reach.

Lala Nek

This beach does not require a permit but access is restricted to 5 vehicles at any one time. It will take about 1 hour to reach this beach. Lala Nek has good snorkeling at low tide. Gugulesizwe Cultural Village is on the way to Lala Nek, please stop in and support this local community initiative. The have a bar, restaurant, activities like horse rides and guided quad tours are also available.


The Game Parks

Tembe Elephant park is a big 5 park that is 30 minutes away from Kosi Moon. This park has tuskers that will rival any found in Kruger. Tembe is well worth visiting. Tembe Elephant Park is only accessible by 4X4.

Ndumo Game Park is home to the big 3. Ndumo has one of the most impressive bird counts in South Africa and is a must in early spring and summer for the birding enthusiast. It is possible to visit Ndumo with a normal car and the drive will take about 45 minutes from Kosi Moon.


Going to Mozambique

It is possible to visit Ponta Do Ouro and the surrounding areas for a day visit. Border crossings are made at the Farazela Border post. This is not a commercial border post so it can get busy over long weekends and during the Christmas and Easter rush. Normally getting through both sets of “offices”  doesn't take longer than 30 minutes. South African Passport holders will be asked R20.00 per entry and thereafter R160.00 per vehicle for road taxes and 3rd party vehicle insurance. It is not possible to use 3rd party insurance purchased in South Africa - no matter what your insurance says. The border operating times are 08H00 to 17H00 normally; there are occasions where it will remain open later for long weekends and peak holiday times. CHECK THIS WITH THE OFFICIALS AT THE BORDER!!! If you are stuck on the “wrong” side of the border don't bother asking if it can be opened, just find suitable accommodation in the area and return the next day.


Driving tips for Sand Roads

Some sand driving tips for all vehicles are to lower your tyre pressure to 180Kpa max and to keep rolling at about 20kph in second gear. If stuck, reverse to a hard patch and try again. Never spin the tyres trying to build up speed as the tyres especially if hard will just dig in and damage the road surface. We urge drivers to follow these tips as our roads are very fragile. After you leave we still need to use them. 4x4 owners should engage 4x4 to aid in protecting the environment and our roads. We don't see macho drivers who refuse to engage 4x4 as heroes and good sand drivers on the contrary. With the newer vehicles its not even necessary to leave your seat to engage 4x4 and diff-loc so why not do it for the sake of the environment. Comments like "Wow I did not even have to engage 4x4 to get through" really don't impress.



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