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THIS is what a gratuity is ...

"Tipping and Gratuity Etiquette in South Africa

Every country you visit has a different etiquette when it comes to who to tip, how much to tip and when it would be downright rude to offer a tip. In South Africa the tourism, hospitality and service industries often employ people from previously disadvantaged areas within the local community, many of whom do not earn a large basic salary and therefore rely on tips from customers in order to survive financially.


Accommodation tipping in South Africa:

A standard 10% of the total bill can be paid on check-out and this should usually be distributed among the various staff members including cleaners, waiters, porters, kitchen and garden staff and in some cases reception and management. You can check with the individual establishment on their in-house policy. If you wish to specify a certain tip for a specific department of individual you could either pay this directly into the hand of the person/s concerned or hand a marked envelope with cash to the receptionist on check out."
Thanks to http://www.portfoliocollection.com/UsefulInfo/Tipping-and-Gratuity-Etiquette-in-South-Africa for this information.

Do you leave a tip for your waitron . . . the car guard . . . the staff who clean up after you at the B+B?

Very definitely many South Africans (and some foreign visitors) take these services for granted and, after spending a small fortune at a restaurant, at the grocery store, or on holiday accommodation - drive off without even thinking about gratuities.

Spare a thought for our ladies who, especially in the heat of a Kosi summer, slave away daily making sure your room, your bathroom, your kitchen and every other facility you use whilst you're here, is neat and tidy and clean.

In a place like a B+B  (where staff earn a set wage)  it works somewhat like a 'pay-it-forward' process. If you tip the staff at the end of your stay because:-

you appreciate the way your room gets tidied for you daily,

that your bathroom is carefully cleaned daily,

your room is magically tidied every time you return from the beach,

your dishes & coffeemugs are washed for you,

the braai area is scrubbed and ready for you to build another fire,

the sand you track through the house is swept out every day ...

the next person who arrives to stay will also get extra special treatment, and so it builds! There's no set percentage to work on ~ whatever you'd be pleased to find on the bedside table if you were cleaning the roomonce the guests had checked out!

Consider the service you'd receive, if you were to arrive shortly after a guest who'd left a decent gratuity Wink

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