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driving from the highveld to the east coast anytime soon?

anyone thinking of driving to Kosi Bay or beyond, from Johannesburg direction : think CAREFULLY before you choose the Ermelo - Piet Retief - Pongola route : THE ROADS ARE IN AN ATROCIOUS STATE - rather go via Swaziland ( in and out via Oshoek and Golela borderposts, minimal road tax and huge savings on time / wear+tear on your vehicle / and your sanity )



the 100-odd km's between Piet Retief and Pongola took me in excess of two hours yesterday thanks to a trillion trucks and the most appalling road surfaces ( and I'm talking deep 'n wide erosion lines, potholes, rocks on the "good" sections ) not to mention the on-coming taxis who totally ignore the STOP signs at each end of the stop+go barrier points . . .

the Swazi route rocks! in a good way! and do say Hi! to Xolani Dube (one of the helpful petrol attendants ) at Gcwalisa Engen, Bypass Rd & Manzini Highway, Mbabane, Hhohho,Swaziland ) from Abby and I . . .


this route won't save you from the potholed section between Jozini and Bhambana though ... just take it really SLOWly and do what everyone esle does - crawl along and zig-zag between the gigantic holes - it's sort of like playing Twister with cars!


the section of road between T-junction (Bhambanana) past Tembe Elephant Park and up to the circle ( Phelandaba DOT camp ) has finally been completed and is a joy to traverse ...


just keep a lookout for the goats and kids and cattle ...nothing's changed there!


bon voyage