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This Chinese New Year Say No to Shark Fin Soup!



Please join the Kosi Moon team in wishing the world a Very Happy Chinese New Year ~ which begins on Thursday February 3rd 2011. And whilst those who celebrate this wonderful event are planning their festivities ~ we urge them to be mindful of the efforts being made to protect our marine life ~ Say No To Shark Fin Soup ~ we call on humankind to raise awareness of the plight of our oceans and marine life :: Find something else to eat that isn't endangered, tortured, of little nutritional value and in most cases treated with toxic chemicals before it reaches your dinner table.

Here are just a trio of my favourite sites promoting awareness & educating people about the plight of sharks ~




Don't think because you live nowhere near the coast or China or anywhere close to anyone slurping shark fin soup that you can't help Save the Sharks and be an activist! Even in Kosi Bay we have our share of Shark Angels . . .